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The internet is a fantastic place. You can read, play games. Talk to people miles away, watch movies and even learn new things! But well, to do these things, you need access to an active internet connection. Moreover, if you are a fan of fast and smooth connections, you must have a wireless connection at home! Also, it is pretty common in today’s world to have a wifi connection.

And to have a wifi connection, you also would have a router. To have a good experience, you must have access to it. Once you have access, you can make any desired changes to the router settings. Some routers have standard IP addresses as set by the manufacturing companies. 

This is the part where most users find it difficult. Logging into the router admin page can get tricky if you do not know the proper steps. This article gives a brief idea about the router IP address and how to log into the admin page.

What is

The IP address is a private, local gateway. Your router’s IP address gets utilized by PC gadgets associated with the wifi connection. That likewise has IP addresses to guarantee an information demand, like visiting a site, gets to where it needs to go. isn’t the primary IP address your router has. As it likewise has a public IP address. Your ISP and any site you visit will utilize your public IP address to get the mentioned data the PC requests to the spot it needs to go. Your router’s  public IP address then, at that point, hands the data over to the private IP address. Which then, at that point, sends it to your PC screen.

What are the steps to log into the admin page?

You Need To Find The Router IP Address

You will be able to see the IP address for your router on a sticker that must be somewhere on it. Or it could be printed on its case written as Assuming it’s not in both of these spots, this is the way you get to the IP address of your gadget:

– Select the Command Prompt from the Start Menu

– Then enter ipconfig

– In the drop-down menu search for Local Area Connection

– In this part, the IP should be visible as Default Gateway

 Confirming the Router IP Address And Connectivity

This is the way you utilize 192.168.2544.254 to reach and access the administrator panel:

– Guarantee the operating system (Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and so on) will be on a similar network as the router

– Open your go-to program

– Where it says “search or type a URL” – enter –,, or

– A login page will show up

– Enter the username and password — by and large, its administrator/administrator. Assuming that doesn’t work, do a fast Google look for the default certifications by entering the router’s make and model


When the setting page is open, you can:

– Change the SSID name and password of the router

– Change the username and password of the administrator login page

– Change DNS — to another Private IP

– Ease or fix security

– Set parental limitations, and so on

 To log in to your router’s admin page, the most crucial step is accessing the router’s IP address. It is the first and most crucial step.

How To Find The Router’s IP Address?

For a computer that is running on Microsoft Windows:

Press the network icon. It must be at the bottom right of your computer screen.

When you open that menu, select the wifi network you are utilizing to connect to the web.

After tapping on the wifi network, you see a rundown of data related to the network. One of those snippets of data will be the IPv4, which is your IP address and seems to be like

For a computer that is running on MAC OS X:

  • Select the Apple menu, which you will find in the upper left of your screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, select system preferences.
  • You will have a choice of wifi networks. And you ought to choose the one you use to get to the web.
  • Close by the word router; you should be able to find your IP address. is a shared IP address with Siemens & AzureWave routers

Amongst all the IP addresses plausible in the private network range, has been picked by two producers as the most well-known IP address. This makes it simple for the two experts and everyday citizens to recollect the location when working with routers. It is pretty much as easy as entering into the browser’s address bar. The best producers to utilize as the default IP address are: Siemens and AzureWave. You should note anyway that specific models may utilize unexpected addresses compared to the normal ones, so it is consistently wired to take a look at the manual. 

Problems connecting to

What are the problems with

If you experience difficulty interfacing with your router/modem at, you can check the following issues-

  • Make sure you are associated with the network.
  • Make sure your gadget is associated with the router. Either by ethernet link or over wifi. 
  • Make sure that your router is working.
  • Ensure that the router is connected and turned on. Lights ought to be lit or squinting, relying upon your make and model.
  • Ensure your router’s IP address is
  • If your router’s IP is some different option from, you won’t have the option to log in 
  • Make sure to look at your router’s indicator at the highest point of the page. O or go to to see what their apparatus says. 
  • Ensure you have spelled the IP accurately.
  •  Typically, individuals misread 0 for O and 1 for I or l when they type the location.
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